Q: How should I water my lawn?
You should water deeply and infrequently. The goal for most lawns is at least 1" of water per week, and it is best if that is executed over three days per week in the evening.

Q: How can a bumpy lawn be leveled?
We can fill in low spots with a layer of topsoil or sand. Severe low spots need to be built up gradually to avoid smothering the grass. We can also lift the sod and shore up the soil underneath.

Q: Is it important to Fertilize?
Lawns require fertilizer to maintain their health. Lawns that are well fertilized and healthy can help the environment to by producing oxygen and enhancing ground water quality which actually cools the air in hot weather. In addition, fertilizing will help to prevent weed infestation as well as disease. Most of all, it helps to beautify your home and your surroundings. Talk to us about an A1A Customized Fertilization Program.

Q: How can I keep my pet from damaging the lawn?
: Dog and pet owners are usually frustrated by the spots their pets leave on the lawn caused by defecation. Unfortunately, there aren't many ways to avoid this other than training your pet to go specifically on one area of the lawn. Most animal urine essentially burns turf, other than specific meds to reduce the salt in urine, you’ll have to let Fido do his thing…

Q: The grass is very thin under the trees. How can this improve?
: The roots of the trees are competing with the grass for water and nutrients. The grass usually loses this battle. The grass also requires a period of direct sunlight in order to grow adequately. Pruning trees and planting shade resistant grass are the best options in addition to more water and nutrients.

Q: Is aeration recommended for St. Augustine grass?
A: Yes, aerating St. Augustine grass improves lawn health. Lawn aeration also helps to reduce thick layers of thatch. Aeration is performed by punching holes in the turf to increase air and water penetration.
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